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Did you know…

The peony is linked to healing and attraction, and since the Chinese word for “most beautiful” also translates to “peony,” it makes sense that they are known to symbolize beauty and love.

The peony activates magnetism and attracts abundance without excessive effort.

There is a myth that peonies need ants to bloom but actually, the peony flowers release a sweet sticky nectar that attracts ants. Thus, this flower shows us how to attract an army of assistance to help us achieve our vision.

If you're attracted to peonies, you might be overextending yourself. You may be pushing too hard to make big goals happen. You might feel limited and that there's not enough or you're missing out. You also may be feeling insecure and worried about what others think .

Peony flowers want us to ask ourselves:

1. When do I catch myself working too hard, working in vain for things I want to accomplish?

2. What resources are already within my reach?

3. What are 3 things that are going well this week and why?

4. If I could attract any opportunity, what would it be?

5. How can I invite more of feeling fulfilled in my life?

How does this all resonate with you?

Photo Credit: Yvonne Yh Gee


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